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A collection of my most recent Projects. Click on the images below to view the live versions.

Microsoft Imagine Cup EMEA 2020 Finals (Runners Up Prize)

From hundreds of teams that applied for the Imagine Cup, our team, Vhysio was selected to be one of the 10 finalist teams. 

Imagine Cup Interview

Read.io (Microsoft Challenge Runner Up) - Hack Cambridge

read.io uses the user's reading progress and Natural Language Processing to provide fresh, personalised reading content.


Vhysio (1st Place Durhack 2019)

A web app utilising cutting edge tensorflow.js to enable accessible physiotherapy for the Visually Impaired.



CountryLookup API uses data from the REST COUNTRIES RESTful API to serve country information to clients. 


Shooting Particles

A fun interactive particle simulator created using the p5.js Javascript library.


AJ's Notes

I created using Kotlin an AS-level Chemistry revision app on Android called 'AJ's Notes’. 

Google PlayStore


Experience is what sets us apart. 


In the summer of 2020 (from July to August) I worked in a scrum team to support delivery of Enterprise Cyber transformation work at QinetiQ.

The transformation work followed an agile delivery methodology with a product backlog determining the teams focus and efforts. We had to report back on progress through both the daily scrum calls and to the product backlog owner.

During this placement I further developed my skills in creating web applications and Javascript using React JS.


In the summer of 2019 (from July to August) I worked as a ‘Tech Tutor’ with a company called Funtech. I worked at the Hampstead & Reading summer tech camps teaching classes ranging from 6-17 students.

I taught the CYBER SECURITY: HACKATHON course which included using the Pen Testing tools available in Kali Linux to exploit vulnerabilities. I also taught the 3D GAME DESIGN course which teaches the students how to create games using the Unreal 4 engine.


Since August 2017, I started volunteering at the Hack In The Box Cybersecurity Conference. To date, I have worked at five conferences: Singapore 2017, Amsterdam 2018, Singapore 2018, Amsterdam 2019 and Abu Dhabi 2019. 

At the most recent Conference, HITB Cyberweek+ Abu Dhabi 2019, I was the AV and Track 1 Manager. I was responsible to ensure the guest talks went smoothly over the 5 days of the conference. This included overseeing the AV team, sound team & speakers. 


In the summer of 2017, I had an internship from Mid July to Early September with Art Of Yoga Labs as a 'Chatbot Developer'. 

I programmed a Facebook messenger FAQ Chatbot for the Yoga Studio which is used by the students using Wit.ai and Heroku. This utilised Natural Language Processing and the code was written in Node.js (Javascript).


In summer 2016, I completed a 3-week work experience at Framestore, a Visual effects company in London as a System Administrator. 

My main project was to create a program to record the statistics on the Adobe Software Usage licensing on Apple Computers within the company including overseas branches.


Recently Graduated Durham university (2018-2020) with a DipHE (77%) reading Computer Science

I studied my A-levels at Peter Symonds College. The subjects I studied were Computer Science, Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

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